Senin, 03 Desember 2018

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ICEGE : my conference story in Malaysia

Attending of seminary and presenting a paper in a panel discussion is not a difficult thing for me but the Conference international in Malaysia, this is my first experience.

I went to Malaysia with the best lectures of FKIP, University Lambung Mangkurat. Their names are Prof. Rustam Effendi, Prof. Jumadi, Mr. Sunarno, Mr.Sabhan, Mr. Ahsani Taqwiem and Mrs.Rusma. (sorry I cant write the complete names).

We goes to Malaysia from 26 November 2018 till 2 Dec. But I go home faster than it.

Travelling and presenting the paper once... I think thats very nice idea.

In this conference I met many people from other countries in the world.
The man in this picture is Danish, a student from India. He fight for his Ph.D in Malaysia.

When I came to his stall, he make me taste his indian sweets. Its very delicious. Its make from carrot.

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  1. Wow, that was an international conference. What a wonderful experience. How lucky you are. COngratz...congratz \^_^/

  2. Congratulations, Miss.
    What have you represented, Miss? Tell me more, please.... Maybe One article more for it.

  3. I'll be waiting the continue of this article. So nice to know about your international event

  4. Kerennya pian mbak. Tambah ngefans sama pian. Sudah go Internasional. Wow.

  5. Masya Allah ulun pengen pintar kaya pian jua nah. Kasih resep dong.

    Skalian resep indian sweets-nya mun ada. ����

  6. Wah, kerennya mbak bisa ikutan konferensi internasional
    Tapi ceritanya kurang panjang nih mbak, saya penasaran acara lengkapnya hehe

  7. Wah selamat mba nai 😍 keren bgt ih bisa kesana hebat banget hhi


  8. Wah bu.. Kereen tyt disini artikelnha bahasa inggriss.. Prok prok. Apakah ini di publikasikan dg tmn2 dimalaysia juga.. :). Jd pengen banget berkarya maksimal ky pyn.

  9. Seru acaranya, ketemu temen baru, berkenalan. Sekalian travelling maybe? tp sepertinya mbak Nay pulang duluan kalau baca blog sebelumnya ya. Hihi

    Sukses terus mbak Nay. Ketjeh terus ya.

  10. Pertama baca judul ini, aku salah baca loh mbak. Aku malah inget ICE AGE. Maafkan otak film ini mbak. hehe... Tapi mbak nai keren sih. Ke luar negeri lagi. Sukses terus...